fundingWe will hold a community-wide vote at the KNA Annual Meeting on 4/18/17 to reallocate our funding to our NRP Phase II Plan as follows:

Community Gardens: $7,500 for ongoing funding of our new garden as well as possibly identifying a second location.

Park/Playground Improvements: $25,000 to support park and playground improvements, events and activities.

Kenny and Anthony Schools: $10,000 ($5,000 per school) to identify and support facility or learning improvements that will benefit the schools and their students.

Open Streets Lyndale: $12,000 to partner with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to extend the existing event to 54th & Lyndale.

Neighborhood Engagement: $10,500 for ongoing support of KNA activities such as staffing, newsletter, New Neighbor Program and outreach.

Greening and Conservation Projects: $1,000 to support neighborhood green projects such as stormwater management gardens and plantings in public spaces.

Housing: $10,000 for additional low-interest revolving loans and $1,500 for program administration.

Additionally, we will allocate funding for a Neighborhood Priority Plan for Utility Box Wraps in the amount of $3,500. We will solicit local artwork and implement public art “wrapping” of four utility boxes in the neighborhood.