As of February, 27th, 2019, Winter parking restrictions have been put in place. No parking on odd side of non-Snow Emergency routes, until April 1st.

When streets are narrowed by large piles of snow along the curb, for public safety reasons, Winter Parking Restrictions are put into place to limit parking to one side of many streets. That way, emergency vehicles and everyone else can continue to get around town. 

Please check out the city web site for further information:

fundingWe will hold a community-wide vote at the KNA Annual Meeting on 4/18/17 to reallocate our funding to our NRP Phase II Plan as follows:

Community Gardens: $7,500 for ongoing funding of our new garden as well as possibly identifying a second location.

Park/Playground Improvements: $25,000 to support park and playground improvements, events and activities.

Kenny and Anthony Schools: $10,000 ($5,000 per school) to identify and support facility or learning improvements that will benefit the schools and their students.

Open Streets Lyndale: $12,000 to partner with the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition to extend the existing event to 54th & Lyndale.

Neighborhood Engagement: $10,500 for ongoing support of KNA activities such as staffing, newsletter, New Neighbor Program and outreach.

Greening and Conservation Projects: $1,000 to support neighborhood green projects such as stormwater management gardens and plantings in public spaces.

Housing: $10,000 for additional low-interest revolving loans and $1,500 for program administration.

Additionally, we will allocate funding for a Neighborhood Priority Plan for Utility Box Wraps in the amount of $3,500. We will solicit local artwork and implement public art “wrapping” of four utility boxes in the neighborhood.