Lyndale Avenue Bridge prep work begins

Contractors will begin removing trees and other heavy vegetation located adjacent to the Lyndale Avenue Bridge over Minnehaha Creek on Monday, Nov. 7. The clearing is taking place so the existing bridge can be photographed for historic preservation purposes.

Temporary lane closures will be required during the clearing operations, so residents should plan ahead if they will be moving through the area. The removal crew will be using chain saws to cut the trees down. The trees will then be loaded onto trucks and hauled away from the site.


No other work on the Lyndale Avenue Bridge will be completed this year. The bridge will close to traffic in February 2012, and is scheduled to reopen by the end of 2012. In spring 2012, crews will remove the current bridge structure and begin constructing the new bridge, and an archaeologist will watch the excavation operations on the north side of Minnehaha Creek, looking for any signs of a mill that was formerly located in the area.


The bridge will be reconstructed including the traffic lanes, improved intersection controls, sidewalks, ornamental railings, and lighting. Pedestrian and bicycle access paths between the bridge and Minnehaha Parkway, Minnehaha Creek embankment stabilization and re-establishment of vegetation that will be impacted during construction are all part of the project. More details will be available closer to the start of construction next year.

The Board of Commissioners approved the estimated $9 million reconstruction of Lyndale Avenue South (County State Aid Highway 22) from 56th Street east to Minnehaha Parkway, including reconstructing the bridge over Minnehaha Creek, in August 2010.

Lyndale Avenue South will be reconstructed with a planted center median, two travel lanes, and two parking lanes, new sidewalks and streetscaping. Sanitary sewer and watermain will be replaced or updated as necessary.

Roadway construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2012. The construction will take place in phases, and access to businesses will be maintained throughout the project. The majority of construction will take place in 2012, with final streetscaping and other related finishing touches taking place in 2013. A signed detour will be posted for residents coming from the north while the bridge is under construction. More information will be made available closer to the start of the project.

Funding is provided by property taxes, state and federal aid, county road bonds, the Local Bridge Replacement Program, Roadside Enhancement Partnership Program, and City of Minneapolis.