As of February, 27th, 2019, Winter parking restrictions have been put in place. No parking on odd side of non-Snow Emergency routes, until April 1st.

When streets are narrowed by large piles of snow along the curb, for public safety reasons, Winter Parking Restrictions are put into place to limit parking to one side of many streets. That way, emergency vehicles and everyone else can continue to get around town. 

Please check out the city web site for further information:

SE HarrietTrail and access improvements near NE Calhoun, SE Harriet and Lake Street will begin construction next spring.

Preferred concepts for the Calhoun-Harriet Trail and Access Improvements project have been posted online. These concepts were shaped by public feedback garnered from the Calhoun-Harriet Master Plan, two public open houses and hundreds of online survey responses.

The concepts will be brought into final design this winter and construction will begin in the spring. Please check the Calhoun-Harriet Trail and Access Improvements project page for more details.