As of February, 27th, 2019, Winter parking restrictions have been put in place. No parking on odd side of non-Snow Emergency routes, until April 1st.

When streets are narrowed by large piles of snow along the curb, for public safety reasons, Winter Parking Restrictions are put into place to limit parking to one side of many streets. That way, emergency vehicles and everyone else can continue to get around town. 

Please check out the city web site for further information:


7-9 p.m.
Thursday, June 29
The Bakken Museum
3537 Zenith Ave. S, Minneapolis, MN 55416

Sen. Scott Dibble, Rep. Paul Thissen and Rep. Frank Hornstein are co-hosting a health care town hall meeting this Thursday evening. They will have updates from physicians, nurses, policy and other health care experts and will discuss recent national and state issues and concerns on health care access and financing. There also will be an opportunity to hear from organizations active on health care issues and learn more about how you can get involved.

The town hall is particularly timely following major health care related budget and policy decisions by the Minnesota Legislature and in light of the possibility for a significant vote in the U.S. Senate yet this week.

Sen. D. Scott Dibble
2213 Minnesota Senate Building
St. Paul, MN  55155
(651) 296-4191

Rep. Frank Hornstein (61A)
243 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN 55105
 (651) 296-9281

Rep. Paul Thissen (61B)
317 State Office Building
St. Paul, MN  55155
(651) 296-5375