ballotThere will be a city question on the November 6 ballot regarding a change to the City Charter. If adopted, this measure would change the process of how certain businesses and restaurants obtain liquor licenses in our city. Currently, our city’s Charter prohibits businesses in a commercial area of less than seven acres from applying for a license to serve full liquor (Minneapolis differentiates between a beer and wine license from a full liquor license.)

In order for a business to pursue a full liquor license, these businesses must lobby the state legislature for an exemption to the City Charter. After obtaining an exemption, they are then required to go through the same city application process for a liquor license as businesses within seven acre commercial areas. The proposed change would eliminate the requirement for these small businesses to seek a special state exemption from our City Charter.

At its meeting on Sept. 18, Kenny Neighborhood Association passed a resolution supporting this change to the City Charter.