As of February, 27th, 2019, Winter parking restrictions have been put in place. No parking on odd side of non-Snow Emergency routes, until April 1st.

When streets are narrowed by large piles of snow along the curb, for public safety reasons, Winter Parking Restrictions are put into place to limit parking to one side of many streets. That way, emergency vehicles and everyone else can continue to get around town. 

Please check out the city web site for further information:

MPRBThe Minneapolis Parks and Recreation project team has been working to refine initial concepts for the neighborhood parks in southwest Minneapolis. The concepts will be available for people to comment on at one of four workshops:

Thurs., Jan. 31
Lynnhurst Rec Center

People attending these workshops can review design ideas for all SW parks, talk with project staff & committee members, and provide feedback. This initial concept launch includes multiple draft designs for each park; you'll be encouraged to debate the merits of the design ideas and let MPRB know what you think works and doesn't work.   

The concepts will also be posted to the project page along with an online survey as another way to provide input.

A member of the SW Service Area Master Plan project team will also be at the LYNAS Annual Meeting tentatively scheduled for Feb. 25 to gather additional feedback and answer questions. To find out more about the project, visit the project page: