we countParticipating in the census is critical to the future of our communities, our economy and our safety. Not only does the census count determine our political representation, but data that is obtained by the census also helps to allocate over $800 billion in federal resources that our communities rely on. Programmatic support for services like SNAP, CHIP, Head Start and housing and food assistance all rely on population statistics derived from the census. In addition to political representation and resources that help support community, the census also effects our economy and public safety. When businesses are determining where to place new offices or factories, they rely on census data. When real estate developers are deciding where to build new homes, apartment complexes or affordable housing, they too rely on the data from the census. City planners and public safety and health officials also rely on census data to ensure their emergency preparedness during times of crises. During the COVID-19 pandemic, census data was used to determine how many ventilators were needed in Minnesota. Our transportation systems, our roads and even our parks are dependent upon accurate census data.

Kenny neighborhood has already responded to the Census at a rate of about 90%. That number is good, but needs to be at 100%! You can still complete your census online here:

How to help if you have completed the census:

Help us spread the word! Right now, Minneapolis has several neighborhoods that have less than 50% completion for the census. If you know someone who lives in one of the following neighborhoods, encourage them to complete the census: