The Kenny Neighborhood Association (KNA) has three committees that work for your neighborhood.


Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement committee promotes engagement that preserves and improves the quality of life in Kenny neighborhood. This committee works to provide opportunities for residents to gather, get to know one another and build community spirit.

We host several events through the year such as a New Neighbor Picnic, Ice Cream Social, Summer Festival and more. We also support park events like Movies in the Park and Fire on Ice.  Event information is always available through our calendar, Facebook page, email news and Nextdoor Kenny.

Crime and Safety Committee

The Crime and Safety Committee was formed in 2020 to identify and help address neighborhood safety and security issues. Its current focus is on addressing safety from a community perspective, listening to our neighbors, providing resources to those in Kenny to feel better about where they live and creating a better network for communication between neighbors.

Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee is a group that is focused on sustainability of life in our community. We have launched initiatives to explore various aspects of sustainability and what we can do to make our community a healthier and better place for our families. We continue to explore on a broader scale how we can meet our needs as a neighborhood without compromising the needs of our community for generations to come.


If you are interested in assisting any of these committees (you do not need to be a board member), please click here and fill out the appropriate information on our contact form.